Erik Højsgaard

“…while Erik Hojsgaard’s Cello Concerto was simply the most sheerly beautiful piece in the festival.” Paul Griffiths, The Times
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C'est la mer mêlée au soleil
Marcin Dylla
Two Pieces for Piano: Intermezzo e Cadenza
Irina Emeliantseva
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Ear Training

Ear training books by Erik Højsgaard stacked on top of each other
“The many aspects of aural training in this book by Erik Højsgaard have been inspired by his deep insight into western music and its thousand-year-old traditions. Written with clarity that allows for rhythm and polyphony to be presented in an understandable form, Højsgaard's book is both musical and entertaining. There is no doubt that one gains new insights and musical joys after working through the book's exercises.”
Danish professor and composer Per Nørgård
Ear Training App
The app which is developed by Marie Dahl Højsgaard acts as a metronome for all exercises in the textbook that deal with irregular and mixed time signatures, hemiolas, irrational time signatures, metric modulations, polymeter, and polyrhythm in irregular time signatures. Included in the app is also an ordinary metronome that can be used for all other exercises. Furthermore the app has sections to train correct tempo-identification.
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Erik Højsgaard is a composer and professor emeritus, renowned for his teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Honoured with the Prize  of Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Foundation.

Global recognition for compositions, featured at prestigious festivals and broadcasts worldwide.

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Photo by Julia Severinsen


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